Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The life of a stay-at-home mom

Now I know why I could never keep a diary - what good is it to pour all that energy into something no one else is supposed to read. Maybe the age of blogospheres has reduced the need for therapy for all those people who used to keep private diaries, when all they really wanted was to share their thoughts with other people - no offense to therapists.

So why am I blogging? Well in the absence of a traditional office where I would otherwise keep busy working and socializing, I spend my days with my two toddlers and baby, who are plenty entertaining, but as far as being good company for conversation, let's just say it's limited. I do have a network of moms that I socialize with of course, but the kids demand so much attention that it is often just snippets of conversation that you can rarely ever wrap up.

Often these interactions get me thinking, and I feel the need to expand on those subjects here. Part of feeling satisfied with the life of a sah mom is to feel your day has as many facets as it did before, when you went to the office. Back then, most days I made time for a workout, work/social time, meal/personal time with my partner, household misc, and reading/personal time & sleep. Proportions not withstanding of course, I think that sah moms should be able to look back on their week and be happy to say that yes life has changed, but we are happy to say it's not unrecognizable from before, and in exchange for office work (in my case in front of a computer) I get to spend that time instead with these amazingly bright, enthusiastic, spirited little people that we're raising.

Sometimes people can have so much going well for them in their lives and yet not seem happy due to a few difficulties here and there. We all run into difficulties, but if you keep it in perspective that it is merely a situation to be dealt with, it doesn't have to change your underlying happiness in yourself as a woman, wife and mother. If you want to raise happy children, just remember they look to you as their primary role model.


  1. Mothers are so busy taking care of everyone that we definitely have to set aside time for ourselves. Just time management I guess..

    And I totally agree, we have to be happy so that our children will be happy, too!

    Keep smiling!

  2. I love what you have to say in this post. I totally agree that there is this innate need in us as mothers to look back on our days and see they are not unrecognizable to the days we had pre-kids. I think that was the hardest part of becoming a mom - giving up the life I used to lead which I rather liked!

    Anywho - I saw that you joined me on Real Mama-Real Life and am wondering how you found me. I haven't really sent the blog out to anyone but friends and family. All the same I am happy to have another mom in the same boat as me!