Thursday, March 5, 2009

give dads a break

I hear a lot of comments about how "daddy doesn't do it right," but let's give dads a break and put it in context. How much practice did your husband have with kids before becoming a father? I have a male friend who used to be a nanny, and he is great with kids. He felt pressure to get a "manly" job because people would say "I've never heard of a male nanny." I think a good response would be, "I'm getting great practice at being a father." Plus, if the job pays better than a conventional 9-5, why switch to a job you enjoy less?

There certainly is a double standard that men can't be just as good at childcare as women. Well, maybe if we encourage our sons to practice more at a younger age there will eventually be more men with experience in childcare.

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  1. Boys have a different way of caring for the children. That's why it's always a great mix if you can have a Dad and a Mom.